How I found the blog world

Hey Everyone,

I have a really silly story on how I was first introduced to the blog world about a year and a half ago.  So one morning I was making something that called for oats and I wasn’t sure what type I needed.  So I sat at my computer and this particular morning I didn’t feel like making breakfast so I just spread one of my dear loves almond butter on a whole wheat wrap.  While eating I typed rolled oats vs. oat bran exactly that and the first website that came up was HEAB yeah I’m not joking.(my name is Heather if you don’t know me) I was so freaked out, but then excited because I looked at her recipes and way of life and realized we have a lot in common.  I had to email her to let her know and it seems as though we are kindred spirits.  It was from her recipes that I started making new things that I never would have thought about such as avocado pancakes and avocado chocolate mousse which I have made many many versions of and really love.  I really would not have known much about blogs if I hadn’t came upon this website and probably not be here now. Now I am a full fledged obsessed blogger always looking for new interesting recipes and lifestyle tips to a happier, healthier me!


One thought on “How I found the blog world

  1. […] milk and made some of HEABS yogurt recipe with agar agar as the base. Peanut butter yogurt (For fun check this out on how I found her […]

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