How to Make Peanut Milk & Pumpkin Seed Milk

Yup, that’s right. I made peanut milk and pumpkin seed milk. Why? You might be asking.  Well mostly because it’s easy and I really wanted to see what it would taste like- besides the obvious.  Also I thought it would be an awesome addition to smoothies, and peanut milk especially to curries.  Especially since I am obsessed with almond and coconut milk I wanted to see what else I could have and since I have never seen or heard of it before it made it that much more appealing. Here are the peanuts in my vita-mix after they have been soaked over night in water so they blend more easily.  Then you rinse, dump that water and put 4 cups of purified water, then blend!  Strain out the pulp with a fine colander or cheese clothI did not add any salt or sweetener.  Instead, I took half of the milk and made some of HEABS yogurt recipe with agar agar as the base. Peanut butter yogurt (For fun check this out on how I found her website)

Are you peanut butter everything obsessed like me??

How are your feelings towards pumpkin seeds?  Well if you didn’t know, they are super nutritious.  A serving of pumpkin seeds provides you with lots of healthy fats, around 15% your daily value of zinc which boosts your immune system and help balance your blood sugar among other things.  The idea to make pumpkin seeds into milk came to me because I love getting the most outta my food, and regular dairy milk definitely does not have all these nutrients!  Plus this does not have any sugar, very low carb and high in protein!  This is just a great addition to pre or post workout meals that I just had to try it! I did the same thing as peanut milk and soaked the pumpkin seeds aka “pepitas” over night so they were ready to blend in the morning.  Rinse them in a colander put them in vita-mix or high powered blender and add 4 cups purified water.  Strain with a colander or cheese cloth.  This time I added 5-10 drops of vanilla stevia sweetener and 1 tsp vanilla extract. I also added a pinch of salt to help preserve although I don’t think it will last long.  This definitly taste like pumpkin seeds but so creamy and dessert like.  I am going to try this in my coffee as well as I make pumpkin lattes to really put it over the edge.

Pumpkin MilkHow to make nut/seed milk:

1. Soak 1 cup preferred nut/seed over night for 8 hours

2. In the morning rinse them well and place in blender.

3. Fill with 4 cups purified water, or more if you want less thick a consistency.

4. Strain with a colander or cheese cloth to remove “paste”

5. Use the peanut paste in curries to thicken or sauces and try the pumpkin seed paste in homemade granola bars!

6. Add 1 tsp salt or more to taste, as well as sweeteners.  I used stevia dropper sweetener in pumpkin seed milk as well as vanilla extract.  You could also add cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves for a more pumpkiny taste!

7. Store in the fridge for 1 week (not sure if it will last too much longer) in a air tight container, I used mason jar and shake before drinking.

Let me know what you think of my latest creative concoction!


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2 thoughts on “How to Make Peanut Milk & Pumpkin Seed Milk

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