Red Velvet Linzer Cookies with Butter cream Frosting

 So there is a little story behind these cookies.  Four years ago when me and my shnookums starting “hanging out” {so I thought-just as friends ;)} it was right around valentines day and I had made linzer cookies for the first time.  I had a picture of them on my phone and I showed them off to him where he then responded, “Why don’t you make those for me?”  So I waited roughly a week so he thought that I didn’t want to make them for him (always play hard to get, works every time ) and then brought him these Classic Linzer Cookies.  After that we were pretty much together and it will be four years next week!  So crazy how fast time goes. I have not made this since then and I have been wanting to try a “beet” based recipe for red velvet (because I do not consume dye products) and I also wanted to surprise him with Linzer cookies and then…lightbulb! I will combine the two recipes.  So I used this  and did everything except the coffee crystals and xantham gum because my GF mix has it already.  They turned out great and I had to keep it classic with a butter cream frosting.

Rolling out the cookies are a bit of work, and because these are not technically meant to be rolled and played with they require gentle handling.  Make sure when you are going to make these you have a solid two hours from start to finish because this dough is very soft and you can’t work too quickly.

You will need:

-rolling pin,

-at least 2 different sized hearts,

-non-stick rolling mat,

-2 baking sheets lined with tin foil, non-stick spatula


-Prepare the dough according to directions on the website, Red Velvet Cookies

-Roll into a ball, cut in half and roll in plastic wrap. Chill in the fridge for an hour, or freezer till cold- 10/15 minutes.

-Preheat oven to 325 degrees

-Take one half out, use flat smooth surface, I have non-stick rolling mat which I definitely recommend. Use the larger size heart, push down and pull the dough around it away from the piece as shown below.  -Continue and make 5 more

-Bake 5-7 minutes on greased tin-foil lined cookie sheets. Take them out 1-2 minutes early so they are just barely crunchy and leave them on the cookie sheet. They will continue to bake enough and now they won’t burn.

-Roll out enough dough again so you can make 6 more, but this time leave the larger heart pressed down. Grab a small enough heart to place inside of it and make sure that the cookie will be thick enough on the sides.  This is your top layer.-You want to line up the center points so the cookie is symmeterical as seen above.  Wiggle the middle smaller heart cutter so you know you can easily remove the middle. Just squish it with your fingers and throw that dough back into pile to be re-used. -Don’t worry if the shape isn’t perfect, after they are cooked you can take the cutter and fix any frayed edges to make them smooth.

-When you remove them from the non-stick mat, you must do it very quickly like you are making eggs so they don’t stick and ruin from the spatula.  It takes one or two tries and then you get the hang out it.

-My batch made 10 small and 5 larger ones. I could have made several more small but to save on the amount of work I made Red Velvet Oreo’s  instead, and by making them mini they are a super fantastic bite sized no guilt snack.

-To make the butter cream frosting, just combine 1/2 stick room temp butter, 4oz cream cheese and 1/2 cup powdered sugar.

-These are quite the indulgence but as a once every four year treat, he deserves it.  Plus I am super lucky and he is worth the little bit of effort 🙂


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