Homemade Red Thai Curry Paste

I have always been a fan of spicy food and only recently have I become obsessed with thai flavors.  After going through 2 bottles of red thai curry paste within a very short time, I thought I should try a homemade recipe since it is usually cheaper when you make this from scratch.  Plus you get to control the ingredients and since I wasn’t liking how salty the store bought was this seemed like a great idea.  And although I absolutely love the end result, I could have listened to fellow bloggers and their recommendations for preparing this fairly simple paste.  

What was it you ask that I stubbornly thought no I don’t need to do that step?  Oh well that was wear gloves while I cut and deseeded the 10 cayenne peppers.  Literally, every single site (probably about 10-15) that I searched for until I finally decided on This recipe said if you were going to dry your own, WEAR GLOVES.  But I forgot to buy them at the store and guess what? I WISH I BOUGHT GLOVES! Holy shitaki mushrooms for the rest of the day it burned the cuts on my hands and underneath my finger nailsss. But it wasn’t like a 450 degree burn feeling, it was like a dull aching oh I get the point kind of feeling.

Anyway lets just say I have learned my lesson and if you plan on deseeding peppers I hope you have learned from my mistake.  I choose to do so because I could not find any dried chili peppers in nearby grocery stores but I did find a package of 10 fresh for $3.50 at the Asian Grocery store close by.  I followed the recipe nearly exactly except using fresh lime zest instead of lime leaves and fresh ginger instead of galangal.  I also did not have any shallots left and I used half of a spanish onion.

I am very happy with how this recipe turned out and if i am able to find dried chilies I will use those next time, otherwise I plan on having kitchen gloves stocked just in case I need to do some deseeding. 

-If you need to dehydrate them, cut them in half, scoop out the seeds and lay them on baking sheet.  I left them in the oven after it was turned up to 425 degrees and then turned off.  This way they wouldn’t burn and it accerlates the drying process. I then rolled the tin foil up around it once it cooled and with the top part open so air could circulate and I left it like that for 5 days.  They looked dry and I was able to get close to them and smell them which to me meant they lost enough spice so I could make the paste.  When you follow the ecurry recipe, if you dehydrate like I did, be careful when you are pureeing and most especially cooking.  Have a window open and do not put your face over the contents at any time.  I was able to tolerate it but BF could not be in the kitchen.  Once you cook the paste it is totally fine and mellows out a lot.

-I stored it in a jar and keep it in the fridge. I actually cooked with it today and wanted it spicier, hehe and I ended up adding cayenne, paprika and then red hot chili flakes.  Yeah I’m weird but I think the coconut milk watered it down…maybe?

Feel free if you have questions to contact me, it is really rather easy and I will most defintitly be making my own from now on, it just doesn’t compare to the store bought kind.

Health Benefits of Cayenne Peppers:

-Fight inflammation due to capasacin, ex: arthitis, diabetes, * psoriasis

-Reduce cholesterol, triglyceride levels, & platelets from sticking together

-Boost immunity and clear congestion

-Metabolism boost

-High in vitamin A & vitamin E



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2 thoughts on “Homemade Red Thai Curry Paste

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