Red Thai Curry Spaghetti Squash

Over the weekend I had family over for lunch/brunch thing and I made a crustless spinach and spaghetti squash quiche flavored with sunflower seed and lemon pesto.  Then topped with fresh mozzarella. 🙂 Well I had bought way too much spaghetti squash nervous I would not have enough.  As luck would have it I came across a recipe that totally caught my eye, and how perfect, I just made my own homemade red thai curry paste!  Was totally serendipitous that I found this (I love her website!!!)  I had just planned to do a simple sesame noodle recipe or BF just loves with butter and parm cheese (YUM!) but this I had to try!

I had a can of coconut milk left over in the fridge which was basically just coconut water because I took the solids out for my Coconut Whip Cream.  It was probably 1/3 cup.  Then I of course used my Homemade Red Thai Curry PasteIngredients:

-Roughly 4 cups spaghetti squash

– 2 tbsp peanut butter

-Red thai curry paste- use according to your taste–(I used around 4 or maybe more- I really like it spicy)

-2 tbsp Sesame oil

-1 tbsp Tamari

-1/3 cup coconut milk

-1/3 cup water if you prefer thinner consistency

-optional-for more heat I added .5 tsp cayenne pepper, .5 tsp paprika and 2 tsp red chili flakes–I know I like to sweat when I eat spicy food, it’s a problem.


-Mix all sauce ingredients well & combine with spaghetti squash.  Allow to chill for minimum 2 hours to intensify flavor.  Serves 4 people (kcals 180) or 2 really hungry.  (kcals 360, majority of calories from fat.)

–If you want to cut the calories in this dish I have read good reviews for PB2. It is processed somehow and they press the oils out of it.  You could also reduce the sesame oil to 1tsp or tbsp and have 1 large serving.  Just be sure to have substantial protein to balance the carbs and keep you satisfied.

Top with sauteed shrimp or pan fried chicken in a simple soy dressing, or have vegetarian with red and yellow bell pepper.

Health Benefits of Spaghetti Squash:

-Extremely low on the glycemic index scale, 1/2 cup serving is a score of 2.

-Contains calcium, vitamin A, C & K- They all help with bone, muscle, eye & immune health.

-1 cup contains a significant amount of Omega 3’s. Learn more about the Importance of Omega 3’s


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