Scallion Pancakes

The first time I had scallion pancakes was roughly two years ago when I had some of my boyfriends Chinese food.  Before that I had never even heard of them.  Needless to say I loved them at first bite, their crispy outside and onion-y inside, I was hooked!  it has been a loooonnggg time since I have had them, and just today I came across a recipe for them and I had just enough scallions left over in the fridge that needed some use.

(I used my baking GF mix which I must say I am not happy with and I will be trying another, if anyone has one they love please share.  This whole adjustment with GF baking is quite an experiment and I’m still trying to find the right combinations. )

If you are not GF, definitely use all purpose flour and they will of course turn out perfect.

Go here for recipe, here is my picture tutorial:

-After making the dough, sprinkle the scallion mixture on top-looks like a flying squirrel lol!-Roll it into a log and pinch the ends closed.

-Roll it into a snail like this and then flatten with rolling pin.

-I then made several small ones by taking a glass and flipping it upside down to make even circles.

-I pan fried 4 at a time, some were in oil and some when the pan was dry to have a healthier option in a large skillet and when I had only enough for a single pancake I did one large one.

-Serve with soy ginger dipping sauce or have with your favorite Chinese entree!  Mine is Kung Pao!


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