5 Minute Mexican Inspired Fiesta Salad

Beans are an incredibly healthy addition to your diet adding fiber, iron, b vitamins & best of all they help balance your blood sugar.  They are also a very economical buy and so versatile.  I love making this salad to add to wraps, to have as a side with chips or just by itself with a big spoon :).  It packs so many nutrients and so much flavor, with a little spicy, a little sweet it has the perfect balance.  It is best made the day ahead or at least a few hours and chilled in the fridge.


-1 can black beans rinsed

-1 can red kidney beans (if you like reallly bean-y)

-1 mango chopped-(if you are like me and needed to research how to cut a mango go here)

-1 small jicama chopped

-1 red bell pepper and 1 yellow bell pepper chopped

-1 spanish onion or sweet onion for less bite

-2 tbsp (for spicy) green chili sauce (can find in ethnic aisle in grocery store)

-few tbsp chopped fresh cilantro

-1-2 tbsp honey/agave

-1 lemon juice, splash of lime juice

-splash apple cider vinegar

-optional- for added heat chop preferred hot pepper- (jalapeno, Serrano…)


Mix everything well at least 2 hours before ready to eat and leave chilled in the fridge.


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2 thoughts on “5 Minute Mexican Inspired Fiesta Salad

  1. […] whole wheat wrap for him and through some Cajun spiced chicken for more protein.  I also used my Fiesta Salad which I definitely encourage you to try or use your favorite bean salad recipe.  Spicy mexican […]

  2. […] in the ramekin the night before and just pop it into the oven in the morning. For this I used my Fiesta Salad (I know I just love this stuff) but feel free to use your own mix or have a blend of vegetables […]

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