Super Fast & Delicious Mexican Wrap

This has become my go to recipe over the past few years when I want something super flavorful and I need to assemble it quickly.  This is also a healthy remix to the typical taco and won’t leave you feeling like a greasy slug.  It has everything element of spicy and sweet with a little tang from the sour cream.Besides the homemade GF tortilla, this is a no-cook recipe, YAY :).  I am all about convinence and I don’t know about all of you, but when I am hungry I don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking.  I have been packing it for the bf all week and he loves it!  I use a regular whole wheat wrap for him and through some Cajun spiced chicken for more protein.  I also used my Fiesta Salad which I definitely encourage you to try or use your favorite bean salad recipe.  Spicy mexican cheese is a must as well as slices of avocado.  For a grab and go lunch, it is so satisfying and sooo much better than any fast food chain.  This is packed full of nutrition and you will not be hungry after you eat this!


Wrap of your choice

1/2 cup Fiesta Salad

1/4 cup favorite blend of Mexican Cheese

few slices of avocado

optional- Cajun Chicken

1 tbsp sour cream

jarred salsa or homemade

Directions: Pretty simple but…

-Spread sour cream on the wrap

-Lay chicken first, then salsa, then bean salad and top with cheese and avocado.

-The best way to wrap is to contain everything in a rectangle near the bottom closest to you. Fold the sides in first and then roll away from you, holding it as tightly as possible. When you are done it should look like an egg roll, this way the wrap stays tight and won’t fall apart.



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