Indian Chicken and Mushroom Masala Burrito

Anyone who knows me knows that I am going through an Indian food obsession.  I just love the combinations of spices and since I am a HUGE sauce person it is perfect since there are literally thousands of different types of curries, chutneys, & sauces…etc.  I think a misconception people have who are unfamiliar Indian food is that it is “unhealthy” and also that it is difficult to prepare.  Many Indian dishes can be completed very quickly it is just knowing the basic spices to making the dishes flavorful.  The most common ingredients and spices are onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, chili powder, turmeric and having a pre-made or store bought curry spice blend.  I use Madre’s which I am really happy with but you can make your own spice blend (for me it was a matter of convenience)

With the variations in spices, Indian food has a wealth of nutrients and can be part of an anti-inflammatory diet.  Turmeric specifically has been researched extensively and shown that it has amazing brain health effects as well as giving relief to those with arthritis. It is also high in antioxidants and can help neutralize cancer cells amongst many other things!  Check this website out to read more in depth about turmeric. This is what the root looks like but I have never seen recipes that use the fresh root, only the store bought powder.

This Chicken and Mushroom Masala recipe was one I got from Tickling Palates- awesome resource for Indian recipes.  I had a container of mushrooms in the fridge and I thought this would be super easy to prepare so I made some along with some homemade Dosa’s which is an Indian crepe usually made from rice batter or lentils.  I love the idea of them and I have been waiting to try this recipe because it is quick and GF.  They turned out SO good and I thought of the Mushroom Masala that I altered slightly would go perfect-hence the Indian Burrito was born.  (Even though most curries are eaten with some type of flatbread I thought calling it a burrito is more fun 🙂 )Here are my homemade Dosa.  The one on the left has the spices- cumin seeds, mustard seeds and curry leaves.  The one of the right I left plain to use when I am not eating Indian food and just want a pancake/wrap.  The seasoned one is SO good!  It was hard not to eat it by itself!

I followed her recipe for Masala almost exactly except I also added 1-2 tbsp curry powder because I love it and I used red bell pepper instead of green.  This was so flavorful and I kicked it up a bit with some cayenne pepper.  I also threw the chicken in after the tomatoes so it cooked along with the rest and stayed nice and moist.  I made this in 20 minutes total, so easy and so delicious!  I encourage you to try this as a healthy weeknight dinner or make ahead for a brown bag lunch.

Dosa Recipe

Mushroom Masala Recipe


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