Magically Delicious Green French Toast & Minty Shamrock Shake!

So I must admit I am not big into St. Patrick’s Day or drinking green beer for that matter.  Either way, I knew I wanted to try to make something green without food dye of course so I went to my favorite green ingredients.  My favorite being matcha green tea powder which is incredibly healthy for you but also taste like powdered spinach so make sure you have some kind of sweetener.  I also have a lots of organic mixed spring greens as well as a perfectly ripe avocado which I thought would all help lend that green color.  As for the cream filling you’ll be happy to know this was SUPER easy to make and sugar free but still taste good of course. I used Katie’s Agar Whip Cream recipe and I used a bit of matcha and some sweetener- you could eat this stuff by itself.  (I buy my agar here as well as most of my other hard to find ingredients-very good prices)

As for the bread I recently bought my first loaf of gluten free bread from a big chain grocery store.  If you haven’t used gluten free bread to make french toast just be careful because it is more delicate and do not soak the bread for more than a couple minutes. This bread is very light and only 45 calories a slice.  Overall I was very pleased with how the recipe turned out having to only try it once was AWESOME.

This is a fun alternative to the classic french toast and although it has a super subtle mint flavor it still taste like french toast.  Maple syrup would have gone perfect but I wanted to have the green whip cream.  Some toasted coconut flakes went perfectly. (so would coconut butter yummm, but I didn’t feel like making any)  Putting the dredging ingredients in the magic bullet made this super fast to prepare and easily ready in 15 minutes! Talk about a magical morning 🙂


2 slices your favorite bread

1 egg or egg substitute

1-2 tbsp avocado

1 small handful spring mix greens or spinach

1 tsp matcha green tea powder

1/3 cup almond milk

1 tbsp canned coconut milk

1 tsp vanilla extract and mint extract

few drops stevia or preferred sweetener


-Put everything in magic bullet or blender until mixed well.

-Dredge your bread only 2-3 minutes.

-Turn frying pan on medium heat and melt 1 tsp coconut oil or just use spray.

-Fry 3-4 minutes each side or until bread turns light brown.

-Turn off heat after both slices are cooked and throw 1 tbsp coconut flakes into pan to toast- cooks quickly so don’t walk away.

-Top with Katie’s Agar Whip Cream that has been blended with some matcha green tea powder and sweetener if you want to turn it green.

Calories- Bread does not absorb everything so not completely accurate, probably less

243 kcal

Carbs 24g

Fat 12g

Protein 10g

Katies Agar Whip Cream around 40 kcal when the entire Agar base is divided into 3

Have alongside a Super Minty Shamrock Shake!


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2 thoughts on “Magically Delicious Green French Toast & Minty Shamrock Shake!

  1. ohshineon March 17, 2012 at 1:58 pm Reply

    A savory French toast dish… interesting I’m totally intrigued!

  2. […] fiber, magnesium, calcium vitamin C… I could go on all morning.  This went perfectly with my green french toast and made for quite a super charged breakfast.  Mint smoothies have become one of my new favorites […]

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