Minty Shamrock Shake

Like my attempted shamrock design?  Yeah I’m not that good yet 😉 but this is!  Surprisingly I was not expecting it to taste like a mint milkshake but it really does! And if I had some chocolate chips they would have definetly joined the St. Patrick’s Party that happened in my belly this morning.  My super green breakfast was sooo yummy and yet still managed to be healthy.  It was packed with Vitamin A out the wazoo as well as fiber, magnesium, calcium vitamin C… I could go on all morning.  This went perfectly with my green french toast and made for quite a super charged breakfast.  Mint smoothies have become one of my new favorites because they taste just like the mint chocolate chip ice cream which I know all too well.  And my new favorite additions to smoothies are throwing in whole almonds as opposed to almond butter.  It adds a lovely crunch and you are able to taste the almonds much more.  Plus when you chew things it makes your brain feel more satisfied and less like your meal is “only” a drink. 🙂


2 cups mix spring greens

2 tsp matcha green tea powder

1/2 frozen banana

2-3 tbsp avocado

1/2 cup hemp & almond milk

1/8 cup almonds (roasted are my fav)

1 tsp mint extract

few ice cubes

*optional- tsp instant coffee granules.  Yes I will need to be admitted onto the show my strange addictions- it’s becoming a problem and I blame this delicious fr-enemy


Seriously?? Throw it in a blender silly and slurp it down!

 Calories 322

Carbs 31

Protein 13

Fat 18


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2 thoughts on “Minty Shamrock Shake

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  2. Lesley Salvage March 27, 2012 at 9:28 pm Reply

    I love Health & fitness, I always try and find time to get healthy and make sure im eating right.

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