Indian Spiced Mango Chutney

One of my recent loves is mangoes.  I cannot get enough of them whether it is a sweet or savory recipe. I almost always have some type of mango chutney in the fridge.  Recently I was out to lunch and had a curried mango chicken salad which I loved.  I wanted to replicate it at home so I decided to whip up some roasted mango chutney.  The original that I had I am sure used added sugar for extra sweetness but when you roast the mango it gives it all the sweetness it needs.  Roasting garlic and ginger balances out the sweet while the curry spices warm everything right up!  This recipe is super fast and basically requires no work at all.  It is also very healthy because they are no added oils or sugars.  Mango’s are incredibly high in vitamin C, fiber and vitamin A.

This is a classic Indian chutney and would be delicious by itself on GF Dosa or Naan or toss cooked chicken in it and have with your favorite mixed greens.  It’s very flavorful and would be a great addition next to your classic hummus at your next cocktail party!


1 green mango

1/2 sweet onion

3 garlic cloves peeled

1 tbsp minced ginger


Spray a non-stick baking pan with tin foil and lay ingredients on.  Roast on 400 degrees for 15 minutes until softened and starting to brown.  Allow to cool.

When everything is cooled down, put into a blender and

add 1/8-1/4 cup water

1-2 tsp curry powder (depending on your taste)

1/2 tsp turmeric

pinch of cayenne or paprika if you want spicy- I used 1 tsp paprika

*optional dash of cinnamon

Blend everything until you achieve desired consistency. 


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