Media Pressure and Victoria’s Secret Revealed

Having a healthy balance between food, fitness and FUN is what I try to center my blog around.  Of course it is not easy to constantly maintain with all of the media hoopla talking about how to lose this and how to look like this celebrity.  Although I do my best to not fall victim to outside influences or my own head for that matter, I sometimes beat myself up over nothing because of the unhealthy obsession our culture has over appearances.  This is the time when I remind myself of my ownrealisticgoals and the real way I think women should look.

Which is NOT this:

We must keep in mind that dating back to the beginning of time, women were meant to bear children which definitly did not involve getting on the 3 week after-baby celebrity diet so I can be in my bikini asap.  And that such a thing called “sizes” did not exist and this simply became a way to organize clothing that has spiraled into a completely negative concept among women.  So before I continue rambling, keep these concepts in mind when you are flipping through your favorite magazines or watching TV and please read these articles to get arealpicture of what women should look like.


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