Mojitos, Manhattans & Roasted Amish Chicken

Just a little side note: Wednesday was my one month blog-a-versary, wow that was quick! I am so happy I chose to put my crazy recipes for everyone to see, has been a fun experience so far and I am just getting started ūüôā

So now lets celebrate and grab a drink ūüėČ

In our little apartment, every¬†Thursday¬†night is date night aka the only night we have together. ¬†Our schedules have been totally opposite from one another but we are really supportive and it works. ¬†I really look forward to making date night as special as I can and this week I wanted to try something new. ¬†I have never made a roasted chicken and actually never thought I would until I watched Giada do it- she makes me think I can make anything. ¬†She makes everything look so easy, I kinda wanna be best friends with her. ¬†Anyway, she made a roasted chicken for her and her hubs date night and after seeing how easy it was I had to do it. ¬†I’ve noticed she loves using lots of citrus which is basically the main component of this meal besides the giant chicken of course.

As far as my ethics are concerned, I don’t eat chicken too often-maybe once a week, max. ¬†I just completely lost the taste of it for awhile and only until recently have I started eating it more often. ¬†I have seen every type of PETA video and it is not that I don’t love animals I just truly believe humans are¬†carnivorous¬†beings. ¬†Maybe one day I will see things differently but for now, let there be meat. ¬†So even though I eat the stuff, I am still picky about what it is and where it is coming from- (if I could only have my own farm and know¬†where my food is coming from). ¬†I knew that I wouldn’t be buying some chemical stuffed chicken at the super grocery store near me. ¬†Instead I have a really good natural food store that is close by that get their products locally and everything is raised organically. ¬†Say hello to my little friend¬†(Sorry for the poor quality) My little Amish raised bird, totally natural yay! ūüôā¬†

This was a super easy meal to prepare and so¬†gratifying¬†when you see the final result. ¬†I totally understand if you are intimatidated by the idea of this but after making it I am excited to try it with new flavors. (can’t decide if I will do Cajun or Asian next-not meant to rhyme) ¬†Plus you are most likely going to have leftovers which you can put into wraps, make healthy chicken salad, enchiladas…etc. ¬†This is a very economical meal that can stretch your dollar, and the root vegetables you can buy for dirt cheap at your local farmers martket!

It might look like a lot, but there is more prep work in cutting the veggies than any of the chicken labor.

*Allot 2 hours from start to finish-this will give you extra time. Total prep time 25 mins, cook time 60-85 mins


1 whole chicken- mine was 3.7 pounds

1 spanish onion

1 lemon

1 orange

2 tbsp butter

1 tbsp olive oil

20 sprigs thyme

2 sweet potatoes

1 head celeriac (or other root vegetable)

1-2 heads of garlic (I used 1 but next time I will use 2)

chicken stock (I had a quart and probably only used half, depends on pan size)


deep roasting pan

*optional-other herbs like rosemary or herbamare


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. Chop sweet potato, celeriac and onion into cubes.  Try to keep them roughly the same size so they cook evenly.  Put in bottom of roasting pan.  Season with olive oil, S&P and herbamare or other seasonings you prefer.

3. Cut garlic clove in half (I recommend using 2- did not have strong garlic flavor)

4. Zest lemon and orange and place in small bowl. Cut them into quarters, leave aside.

5. Take 5-10 sprigs of thyme and slide your finger from top to bottom to collect only the leaves and put in small bowl with zest.

6. Melt butter in same small bowl with zest and thyme. Be careful not to burn, if you are microwaving do 15 seconds at a time.

7. My roasting pan came with a rack (10$ at Walmart)- place that into your sink and then the chicken on top (can just use your cutting board but this was easiest and cleanest for me.  Rinse it, pat it dry and take the gizzards and gross stuff out of the middle.

(When I went to do this I was looking through the “wrong end” like holy crap I know this stuff is in there, do I really have to put my hand through that?? ¬†Then the bag came out the other end, lol I was so relieved!)

8. Take the quartered lemon, orange, rest of thyme sprigs and halved garlic and stuff into the chicken. ¬†Mine didn’t fit so I scattered them throughout with the vegetables.

9. Sprinkle your bird with S&P.  Put in roasting pan snuggled up with vegetables.  Take the bowl with melted butter and seasonings and spread it all over.

10. If you were smart and remembered to buy twine at the store, use that to tie the legs together.  Just raise them up, tuck anything that can be tucked, cross them and tie them.  Or if you are like me and forgot to get twine, use a rubber band or hair tie.

11. Put the pan in the middle of the oven.  Mine took around 75 minutes to cook.  I did not have a thermometer so I just sliced a little thigh to check it.  If you have a thermometer you want 165 degrees.  It is best to let it rest for 15 minutes to keep the juices in.  I did a little basting midway through with some butter and some more thyme.  

¬†12. We cut it into quarters since he likes the dark meat and I like the white. ¬†Needless to say, boyfriend was super happy and I was rewarded with my favorite, FRO-YO, here comes dinner number 2!! (Is it a problem when you notice they made the cups bigger?? ūüėČ )

Of course I didn’t make him wait that whole time without a little appetizer. ¬†Try my Red Pepper and Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms¬†& let me know what you think!


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2 thoughts on “Mojitos, Manhattans & Roasted Amish Chicken

  1. Anna @Crunchy Creamy Sweet March 24, 2012 at 10:50 pm Reply

    Hi Heather! I just found your blog and abdolutely love it! Your recipes are mouth-watering, especially this chicken! Yum! I am so glad you joined the fomod blogging community ūüôā

    • heatherscreativeconcoctions March 24, 2012 at 11:21 pm Reply

      Aw thanks, your website looks great as well! Can’t wait to fix my sweet tooth with those pina colada blondies!

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