1 Minute Strawberry Dreams Muffin with Strawberry Cream Sauce

Hellooo Beautiful, and tasty, and easy.  Today is the last of the 1 Minute Muffin Series for a bit and why not go with everyone’s favorite berry, the strawberry. This muffin has the perfect amount of natural sweetness from the strawberries and a little secret ingredient for a pack of antioxidants- Pom Juice.  Yes while looking for ingredients to make this cake pretty (1 attempt was not) I found my long lost Pom Juice that I may have just bought for Martinis 😉

Depending on the flour you use to make this will determine most of your nutrition.  I used a combination of flax seed and coconut flour for omega’s and fiber.  But you can use wheat, or white for regular non-gluten free version.  I also wanted to original use oat flour but I didn’t have any fresh and I was too lazy to make some.   I do think walnut flour would be the best though 🙂 the nutty with the sweet-always amazing.

Know you should know the drill by now, grab your coffee mug and standard ingredients…


2 individual 1/4 cup fresh strawberries-{highly recommend organic, non-organic have proven carcinogens}.

1/4 cup preferred flour, I used 1 part coconut flour and 3 parts flax seed

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 egg or 1/4 cup eggwhite


Puree your strawberries and add everything else in!  Microwave for 1 minute, you may need to add 30 seconds if the middle is soft since this is super moist from the strawberries.

To make the sauce get your 2nd 1/4 cup strawberries and put in blender or magic bullet with 3-4 tbsp almond milk.  Add sweetener to taste.  I also added a bit of canned coconut cream but omit if you don’t want the flavor of coconut.

Feel free to try your own favorite fruit like blueberries, raspberries…etc.

I hope this mini series has help to show you how easy it is to make breakfast, have a healthy breakfast, and have a healthy breakfast that taste good!


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