Apple Pie Milkshake with Sweet Almond Crumble

What if I told you you can have your apple pie without feeling like you just ruined your health goals for the year?

That is can actually be a healthy meal and taste really freaking good?

Foodie Beware: This baby is amazing

There is something about making really sinful desserts into really amazing smoothies that gets me excited.  I actually get a thrill from it.  It is like I’ve hacked my way into a secret food world where you can eat whatever you want, it’s healthy and still taste amazing.  There is no place for guilt or regret, just guzzling.

That is exactly what happened here, I actually guzzled it.  Usually I just show the pictures with a straw to help with presentation.  But for once I actually tried it and it made me feel like it was really bad.  I felt like a kid when I literally had a chocolate milkshake everyday-(not joking).   Plus it requires a little bit of work and forces you to savor it even more.  So I am ashamed to say I had this for dinner last night?  Not even close- this puppy is not only meant to keep the doctor away, but also your love handles too thanks to some MUFA’s 😉  If you are an apple pie lover, you must try this asap- and seriously, who doesn’t love apple pie?


1 organic apple of choice

1/4 cup almonds

1 tbsp or more cinnamon

2-3 tbsp rolled oats

6 or more ice cubes

1-2 tbsp walden farms apple spread (this stuff is mega splenda sweet so be careful)

1/2 cup almond milk

1/4 tsp xanthum gum, OR grind 1 tbsp chia seeds


If using chia seeds, put in blender first and finely grind to meal consistency.  Roughly chop your apple and throw in blender with ice, cinnamon and almond milk.  Add xanthum gum for thicker consistency.

To make the crumble I used small magic bullet cup.  Put almonds in first to get a rough chop-not meal consistency.  Add oats and walden farms spread.  Add pinch of cinnamon if you love it like me ;).  Crumble all over and start guzzling!

For Nutritional Info go here

Love the sweet and salty apple/almond combo as much as me? Then you have to try this.


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