Coconut Cookie Dough with Tahini & Blueberries


If there is one food that I always want but never make for myself, it’s cookie dough. Usually because recipes calls for dates or other high sugar items and I know how blah I feel after eating them. Well my most recent and most aha moment obsession is coconut cookie dough- and it’s practically instant. Plus it is crazy filling so you really can’t overdose on it. We have the coconut flour to thank for that. It is super high in fiber and basically sugar free even though it has some natural sweetness. What an amazing food.

Another great thing it is great for is making crack cookies. Not that I am guilty of making them lately to stay alive during school or anything. If you don’t remember crack cookies then you need to take a stroll down memory lane. Or is it an alley? 😉

This breakfast takes as long as it takes you to stir. Yeah it’s pretty freaking awesome. I have been making it in the mornings when I don’t have time to do anything. Then I just bring my cup with me and eat it on the way to school. I was craving tahini too this time when I had it and it went perfectly with it, but feel free to make your own variations-it doesn’t discriminate. I would have totally put chocolate chips in this but I ate them all. Instead I threw some blueberries on top since these lovely fellas are finally coming back into season. Also a little sprinkle of hemp seeds for a dash of protein makes for a super charged breakfast!

2 tbsp coconut flour
1/4 cup non-dairy milk (I used flax milk)
3-4 drops liquid stevia, to taste
1 heaping tbsp tahini
1/4 cup blueberries
1/2 tbsp hemp seeds

Stir together the non-dairy milk and coconut flour. Coconut flour sucks up a ton of moisture so you may need more milk depending on your preferred consistency. Stir everything but the blueberries really well. Chill if you have the time and patience- I didn’t.

Oh and make sure you have a nice big drink because this stuff is high in fiber and you don’t want it to get backed up 😉


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