Chickpea, Cucumber and Fennel Salad with Tahini Dressing


It’s funny how taste change over time. I can remember just last year absolutely hating the taste of fennel. I wouldn’t even try something if it had a trace of fennel in it. Then recently I was eating a salad and suddenly I thought, “I think I just ate a piece of fennel- and I liked it. And then I went back for more salad just so I could believe what my tastebuds were telling me 😉

A few weeks later I found myself craving the flavor of it in some kind of fresh salad with seasonal ingredients. Behold my cucumber, tomato, chickpea and fennel salad. It practically makes itself and you just stand there and watch. Until you pour the dressing on it and then it is gone before you know it.
This has made for a really delicious lunch for me and the BF (surprisingly). Right after I made it he tried it, and then he ate a bowl of it (guess I’m making more for his lunch…) For him I actually split up what the original made and used half for mine with chickpeas and half for him with pasta. Worked out great and I will definitely make this again, especially with the craving for lighter meals with hotter weather.

1 can chickpeas
1 fennel bulb
1 long english cucumber
cumin and coriander
1-2 tomatoes
pasta for non-gluten free version

If you are splitting to make half gluten free and half pasta salad for others then boil off half a box of pasta.
Rinse and drain 1 can chickpeas
Chop fennel and cucumber to roughly the same size. Chop tomato taking out the seeds. Mix together and add a bit of acidity, lemon juice, white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Set aside. Make dressing.

1/4 cup + 1 or 2 tbsp tahini
1/4 cup water or unsweetened dairy milk (less for thicker dressing)
2 tsp (or more if you want spicier) dijon mustard
juice of 1 lemon
dash of agave (optional)
lots of pepper and sprinkle of salt

If splitting, separate the cucumber mixture. First do the non-gluten free version so you don’t accidentally use the same utensils..etc. Add the chickpeas to half the mixture, then add half the dressing. Sprinkle with cumin and coriander. Season to taste. Chill for minimum 2 hours

Do the same with pasta version.

On the mornings that I brought this to work I quickly added some sliced avocado which went perfectly 🙂


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