My First Foodie Pen-pal!


I’m so excited for my first foodie pen pal! Look at all the goodies I got!! Of course there isn’t anything left except for a few cashews (the chocolate was the first to disappear- what a surprise 😉 )

I got these from Dawn, check out her awesome site for your sweet tooth fixings! After telling her I love dark chocolate, anything spicy and ethnic flavored, crunchy and gluten free, she sent me all different things to total satisfy above and beyond. I got to try fantastic spicy jalapeño and cajun chocolate from a little shop nearby her in Alaska (how cool?!?!) which was my favorite. She also sent me some great peppermint like patties with little polar bears on them which I could have eaten 100 of. Cashews that had a peanut thai lime kick with sesame seeds tossed on them, so tasty and I have never had nuts flavored like that before.

Other goodies were some Pink Hawaiian sea salt, a dark chocolate bar with cranberries and almonds and a yummy coconut almond chocolate bar. I got the cutest card with little owls on the front which I just realized I think unconsciously sparked a new owl obsession I have. Check out this adorable decoration I got from homegoods to put on my custom bookshelf


Are you totally jealous and want to join in on the fun? Check out this site for all the info and to sign up, its so easy and so fun getting to meet other foodies. I can’t wait for next months and I have already been checking out new fun places to buy nifty snacks!


Other than that it has been a really busy day and I think I might be ordering sushi for dinner tonight 🙂

By the way, I am going to tease you and let you know that I am working on a vegan spicy tuna roll and I don’t think I’m too far off from the real thing but I’m still perfecting so you will just have to wait!


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One thought on “My First Foodie Pen-pal!

  1. Amber Clare September 26, 2012 at 7:51 pm Reply

    What an awesome idea!

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