My First Product Review! Sprouts, and lots of them!


I am so excited to be posting about my first product review! And it’s all about sprouts! Not too long ago I had no clue what these odd little things were all about but now I have come to love them! They are one of the best superfoods you can eat since they are packed with vitamins, protein, fiber and super low in calories. Plus there are so many ways you can use them.

After my post on my super detox green smoothie using broccoli sprouts, I was contacted by Life Force Foods Brocco Sprouts to do a product review on their sprouts which I gladly accepted. I still wasn’t really aware of all the health benefits of sprouts until I did some research. Basically, when something is sprouted it activates the enzymes which helps make more of the nutrients more available for you to digest. These are some seriously powerful compounds that have been proven to protect cells are cancer formation and irregular cell growth. Sprouts have great texture for wraps, sandwiches, stir fries, on top of pizza or blended in soups or smoothies. I plan on trying the recipes on their blog too. They have a bunch of different kinds which some I had not even heard of before. I got to try Alfalfa sprouts, Clover Sprouts, Spicy Sprouts, Bean Sprouts, Radish Sprouts, Sandwich Blend, & Chinese Sprouts. I think I might even be forgetting some- there were so many!

I experimented with them in a really rich, chocolately smoothie


I used the Alfalfa sprouts and Clover Sprouts and this was soooo good. There was also lots of cocoa powder, avocado, strawberries, blueberries and some maca powder. You can’t help but feel clean after eating this. Ironically the garnish on top looks like sprouts but it is actually shredded coconut and hemp seeds. Just a few health benefits of these sprouts is that they have more chlorophyll than spinach, kale, cabbage or parsley plus they are mostly protein.

One sandwich which I feel I will never tire of in the classic tomato, avocado and sprout sandy. It is so refreshing with lots of textures, I just love it.20120814-154032.jpg
I also have been dying to make spring rolls for myself after buying some wrappers. Mostly because I am all about those dipping sauces and the varying textures that are characteristics of the wraps. I got to try out these bean sprouts which went perfectly. 20120814-152353.jpgI was practically moaning when I was eating them. These rolls have easily become one of my new favorite things to eat and a big reason is because they are so easy to make.


I enjoyed the bean sprouts in my Kelp Coconut Pad Thai.  Check out my first ever hacked young coconut.  I know it seems intimidating but its a lot of fun and a wonderful superfood, not to mention they are very versatile.


I also wanted to try the spicy sprouts in a type of veggie burger but then I decided to make Spicy Sprout Scallion Pancakes over Brown Rice Pilaf- these were so awesome. I just used the sprouts, psyllium husk powder, some egg and lots of scallions and seasoning.

20120814-150409.jpg It’s a bit hard to tell but there are 3 pancakes stacked on top of each other. You could even use this mixture and pour into mini muffin tin and make a crustless quiche, perfect for work-week lunches.

Lastly I put together a Parsley Pea Shoot Pesto to use with some eggplant and tomatoes I got recently from a local farmers market.

20120814-151530.jpgI think this pesto has superpowers with all of the cleansing abilities in the parsley and sprouts. Did you know pea shoots have 4x more vitamin A than tomatoes, 7x times vitamin C than blueberries and 3 grams of protein per serving? These are just a few of the health benefits, the list goes on and on.


Overall I have a new found love for sprouts and I will continue to experiment with them. Look for them in refrigerated section of your grocery store and see for yourself how good they are!

Let me know if you want any of these recipes, I will be glad to share! 🙂


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