Gluten Free Pumpkin Donuts


I know it’s been forever since you’ve heard from me. School has taken all my attention and I’ve been keeping things simple for the most part. I should let you know that last weekend I was really excited to be making my first turkey chili with spicy turkey sausage in a crockpot and you know what happened?

it was awful!!

Apparently I am crockpot challenged and now I think it will stay in hiding forever. Plus it took the fun our of cooking for me. No sautéing, no tasting, no stirring? What’s the fun in that? I have learned my lesson and from now on I will stick with what I know- especially since my vegetarian chili recipe is banging 😉

Lately I have been drooling over all the pumpkin fever going around the blog world right now and I just had to have some. So pumpkin donuts isn’t a bad place to start right? I grabbed the recipe from Purely Twins because I loved how my apple cinnamon donuts turned out using their recipe. The only thing I did differently was add a little vanilla extract and instead of frosting I have been honey obsessed. I also cut the sugar to 1/4 cup because don’t like super sweet treats. So just a drizzle of honey and sprinkle of cinnamon and before I knew it 2 were gone. 😉

So check out Purely Twins Gluten free Pumpkin Donuts for a delicious way to kick off fall!


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