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Thai Green Curry Chicken Marinade

After having chicken simply pan fried, and then having it once its been marinated for several hours, I don’t know why I would ever go back. It is so easy to make chicken interesting with simple ingredients and practically no work.  I always have tasty chicken in my fridge to throw on top of salads, in wraps, or alongside quinoa and vegetables.  After marinating for several hours I throw in a tin foil lined baking dish (yay no clean up!) in 350 degree oven till chicken is cooked.



-2 cups cilantro

-3 green chilies

-1 cup thai basil (I didn’t have and was great without)

-6 scallions

-1 heaping tbsp fresh ginger

-3 garlic cloves

-3 stalks lemon grass (look for an asian grocery store)

-1 tbsp ground coriander

-1 tsp tumeric


-juice from 1 lime

-1 tsp lime zest

-2-3 tbsp olive oil

Blend all in high speed blender, (I have vita-mix but you could do in magic bullet). Marinate for 6-24 hours.

*If you want to have as an entree, mix with 1 can coconut milk and desired vegetables such as mushrooms, peas, edamame…etc.  Lentils, linguine or quinoa would go well as a side.

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