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Raw Honey Holiday Nuts

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve been MIA for two weeks and I present you with a dehyrated nut recipe? With pretty much one ingredient- named honey in the raw. Well I’ve been up to my ears in test and deadlines so you will just have to manage. Besides these are a holiday favorite.


Thanksgiving is almost here which means lots of school deadlines are fast approaching as well as recipe overload. This is the first year in maybe 7+ years that I’ve had off of work and although I’m excited to finally get to cook for thanksgiving (I know I’m excited but it’s because I don’t have any onbligation to make things- and it won’t be at my place) and I literally cannot decide what to make. It’s so overwhelming the amount of amazing looking delicious recipes that I am about to just randomly choose some.


One recipe that I was able to commit to was honey sweetened nuts.  Who doesn’t love such a sticky, sweet treat that is perfectly healthy in moderation.

  So if you’re like me and don’t know where to start for the thanksgiving feast, make this to nibble on as your scrolling/flipping/scavenging for recipes.


Really? You’re not sure? I’ll assume you’ve already tapped into the eggnog 😉

However much nuts you want to have on hand.  I did 1 pound walnuts, almonds and 12oz pecans.  Soak them all separetly if you have a dehyrator (this makes them easier to digest and more nutrients available)

Each time varies and sources vary as well.  I do almonds for 24 hours, pecans and walnuts about 12, maybe more.

Always use filtered room temperature water.  Some sources say use acid, I didn’t this time.  I did add 1 tsp himalayan salt to each.

Dehydrate under 118 degrees to keep raw and enzymes alive.  Time varies, expect at least 12 hours.

After 6 hours or until no moisture appears on the outside, put your nuts in a bowl with some honey.  Yup, pretty difficult stuff here.  Optional add ins- sea salt, cinnamon, coconut sugar, all spice…etc. Continue to dehydrate until crisp and dry when you bite into almonds. They hold the most moisture.

 I store in mason jars and not in the fridge because my apartment doesn’t get too warm this time of year.

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