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Let me share with you my attitude towards health and the direction I try to maintain my diet on.  And when I say “diet” this does not mean deprivation or a temporary approach.  So first off I’m not a strict vegan or vegetarian but for the most part I follow a plant based diet and what I try to do is at every meal make sure I have a varied amount of vegetables and minimal to zero processed food.  This includes dairy, crackers, cookies and I never eat deli meats anymore. And since I have come to realize I have sensitivity towards gluten this has actually helped reinforce good decisions, such as choosing quinoa over pasta, which is much more nutritious.  Now I’m not going to preach because that’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good dessert every now and then.

Overall, I try to eat a plant based diet consisting of


-Fruits within reason, having too much messes up my blood sugar

Protein from (when I first started blog it said:)

organic eggs, organic chicken, only wild salmon (rarity due to college budget), my new thing is organic ground turkey, yogurt,

Now it says:

Nuts-almonds, walnuts, and seeds-sunflower, pumpkin…etc

Homemade dairy free yogurt

Lentils and beans, sprouted or cooked

Chia seeds , hemp seeds,


-MUFA’s & especially OMEGA 3 from almonds, walnuts, flaxseed, chia seeds…etc.

-Fiber & Water– they go hand in hand. Great sources are psyllium husk and oat bran (have soluble and insoluble)

-Blackstrap molasses (House of Herbs is the best) to prevent iron deficiency

A new essential I try to consume each day is a probiotic salad or probiotic capsule on an empty stomach

As well I recently started consuming digestive enzymes, 1 capsule before a meal and 1 during.

I try to avoid:

-Processed crackers, cookies, pastries, sugar…etc

-Red meat, although occasionally I love a good burger using Bison or other grass fed meat

-Too much dairy- (cause inflammation in the body and trigger allergies) (I never have dairy now except small amounts in butter on occasion)

-Dyes, MSG, and foods with preservatives

-Protein powder or other processed foods with fillers and synthetic

-Soy–this one I refused to believe the hype until I was consuming it daily and it was causing havoc on my body.  Acne, bloating, hormonal changes.  The only soy products I consume now is Miso paste {and sometimes to a fault ;)}

-Fish that is not wild, or has lots of chemicals- Tilapia, Atlantic Salmon, Seabass…etc.

Some supplements I take (almost everyday)

Vitamin D

Astragalus for seasonal allergies (adaptogen herb–is amazing, I have not had allergies in 2 years. I take 1 a day if I start to feel sinus pressure or even slightly run down and continue until I feel back to normal).

Acetyl L Carnitine with Alpha Lipoic Acid (for brain function, increase mitochrondria function- aka the life of cells and is one of best antioxidants researched)



Zinc- necessary for immunity, skin integrity…etc.

As for exercise I aim for 5-6 3-5 days (since starting masters program) a week of something so I am usually good and go to the gym or attempt a p90 video but I never force myself or give myself guilt over not going.  I do love running sprinting intervals which show to be more effective than long distance.  I would really love to love yoga but I’m so type A I need to be a crazy person when working out in order to get endorphins, but for sure yoga kicks my a** when I have done it in the past.  Overall, I’m not perfect but I try to keep some sort of balance. When I have a lazy, indulgent day I try not to beat myself up about it but no promises there.  I try to keep up on recent health news so feel free to ask me any questions or any questions about myself.How to Get More Exercise   99 Ways


One thought on “Food Philosophy

  1. Patricia Laplante February 21, 2012 at 8:19 am Reply

    When did this transformation occur?
    How did you surpress all of this enthusiasm for sharing your wisdom all these years?
    I am so proud of you!!!!
    Love you.

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